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How long does it take liquid nails to dry
What are the proper liquid nails drying time? Liquid nails dried in just 15 minutes but it takes approximately seven or more days to harden and strengthened. Some other factors affect its dry time that is temperature, humidity, and material. It’ll not wrong if we use adhesive nails after...
keep nails clean
How to clean nails at home? Whiten your nails are every girl's dream. Not just having sitting of manicure or pedicure in a salon can make your nails shiny or clean. You can use a handful of ingredients to make your nails healthy and shiny while preventing common nails...
Nail Art Trends
Nails fashion is an ideal way to add something extra and glamorous to your attire. As blunt red and pink is the most commonly used colour and everyone love to apply them. Why not we do some more adventurous this summer? Even while living in quarantine, do...

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