Do you have short nails but love nails art

short nails art 2021

Are you looking for an easy design for short nails? Do you have short nails but love to do nail art?  Short nails are frequently viewed as more pragmatic, yet there is not generally a ton of point by point nail plans for short nails drifting around. In all actuality, paying little mind to the length of your nails, there is an approach to keep them looking perfect regardless of what level of nail craftsmanship plans for short nails you might be keen on. Everyone now keen to adopt modern nails design that also suites their attire.

So here I’m going to share some elegant short nails design ideas with you.

Nail design short natural nails:

Natural nails can be both short and long. Don’t bother that just embrace what you like and what suits you. Some beautiful and elegant designs for ladies who have short nails are described below to explore them.

black white nail art

Lining Trend:

To get this graceful and simple lining trend for your stubby nails.

A few of the plans don’t generally look as great on shorter nails, prompting a nail trim at which you can barely watch the work of art that costs a decent amount of cash and a decent measure of material. Hence, no need to give more time or hard work to get this nail art.

Pick standard nail paint (a color that suits with your outfit)

You may use 2 or more different colors in accordance with your attire

Put one coat of nail paint gently on your short nails (Remember to do that in a fine manner )

  • Place thin paper lines on your nails in a distinct pattern
  • Now put another coat of different nail paint color
  • Put down lining paper and let the nail paint to dry
  • After that impose the last coat of gel as the upper layer.

The final look will astonish you, elegant and simple design is on your nails. Enjoy that!

short nails

This signature nail design with a square look will overwhelm you. To get these short nails design ideas to follow given below points.

Put nail paint on your naked nails (you may also do this without applying nail paint)

Apply scotch tape in different patterns as shown in the above image and apply nail paint on empty space

This will give you fine look. After that pull the tape back and appreciate your creativity.


Before starting this design firstly apply a base coat as it protects your natural nails

For this dotted design, firstly apply nail paint (choose the color according to your attire )

Now pick a bobby pin and dip it into nail paint with a different color that looks more elegant on the base color.

Put dots in a different pattern which you like most

The dotted design is ready to enjoy it!

Paint Splatter design:

Paint Splatter design

Apply white as a base color (you may use different colors )

Now select 2 or 4 more colors for splatter on the base color

Take a straw and dip it into nail polish blow straw onto the nail to create a splatter look

Do the same for the other colors

Remove access polish around your nail. Then relish it!

DIY Stripping Tape:

DIY stripping nails

Pick black, golden color nail polish and stripping tape

Apply a base coat of black nail polish

Now implement golden nail polish on tape and let them dry

After it has been dried cut that piece of tape in strips and apply on your nail in different patterns as shown above

Topcoat is optional you may apply that according to your need

Use this design according to the above-mentioned step by step procedure. This is the best easy design for short nails.

Do you love to have long nails but don’t wait for a long time then you may also apply fake nails or acrylic nails and can enjoy it for some weeks without any worry.


Must read this procedure to have acrylic nails perfectly

  • Buy fake nails from any store then apply the nail tip
  • Clip the nail to your desired length
  • Pick up a ball of acrylic then gently guide acrylic to nail forms
  • Apply form to nail then remove form to reveal a smooth shiny surface
  • After that make a shape according to your desired.
  • Enjoy long nails without any hectic


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