How to DIY Chrome and Velvet Nails trends

Velvet nails trend 2021
Velvet nails trend 2021

Do you want to know how to get velvet chrome nails? Are you a lover of doing different nail art trends? Going to a parlor for each pattern may be expensive and hectic. In this article, we’ll learn a buzzy and the latest nail art trend that you hadn’t seen yet anywhere.

Yes, I’m talking about velvet chrome nails that are surely going to be your signature nail art. For sparkling and vibrant chrome manicure, add metallic shades with a smooth finish of velvet. Well, you may think you can’t DIY this trend as it looks more complicated.

Chrome nail polish and trend comprise of matte topcoat, and it manifests the mirror effect. It looks implausible in different colors, lengths, shapes, and creates a soft satin finish look. Keep reading this article to get updated.

DIY velvet nails:

velvet-nails trend 2021

Firstly apply a coat of matte nail polish on your nails neatly. You can find out the nail polish color according to your choice. Try to add one or more layers of the nail color for better coverage. Now pick up the flocking velvet powder, but wait, make sure to have a piece of paper beneath your nail because it’s going to make some mess.

Apply velvet powder on your whole nail; no area should be stayed empty for a better look. After applying it press this powder onto your nail slightly. Please don’t push it so hard and don’t do it so soft because pushing it slightly will happen to fall dust after some time. So press it hard enough, so it stuck into nail polish.

When you have done, remove all extra velvety powder with the brush smartly. If you press it nicely, then it’ll remain for 3 to 4 days and don’t apply the topcoat in it because it’ll ruin the texture of flocking powder. Another cleverer advice the excess powder that has been drop into a piece of paper will be used next time don’t waste it. You’ll amaze with the last finish of velvet nails.

red velvet nails art

How to get chrome nails?

In this article, I will explain how you can apply chrome powder on your regular nail polish. The main tip is that, start with your clean bared nails. First, to protect the natural nails, apply a base coat (gel) and then choose any base color you love and anticipate to use. Apply two or more layers for better opacity and let them dry completely.

chrome nails designs

Then for a beautiful smooth surface, apply top coat. As you know, chrome powder emphasizes bumps, so make sure you have a super smooth surface. I always recommend using different topcoat while using chrome powder.

After that, please Pick up a little bit of chrome powder using your finger and carefully tap it on your nails. Once you top powder on entire of your nail, then begin to buff the powder in your nail polish. For a super shiny finish, make sure to remove excess powder from tips and all other areas. Now keep the process for the rest of your nails. Don’t forget to give free edge at the side of your nails

At the last pick up, brush and clean the extra chrome powder from your hand and fingers.

Wait, wait, it’s not the end for more shiny tips apply one more topcoat and let them dry then enjoy the mirror, polished and elegant look of your nails.

Check out this Golden chrome nails, an elegant mirror chrome shade

golden chrome nails

Want Chrome tip nails?

Just want your nail tips chromed? Moreover, not just simple chrome nails, I’ll elucidate chrome tip nails as many girls wish to that. You can also list as chrome manicure as it enhances your nails beauty.

So let’s get started, apply base coat more than two times to make opacity 100%. Then pick up little chrome powder as you want to put it on your tips. And tap slightly on your nail tips, you can groom it according to any shape you intimate. Give good coverage to the side and tip of your nails.

After applying it on each nail tip, please pick up your no wipe top coat and carefully use it on a straight line. You can also put straight, small thin paper for better alignment. After applying it on each finger, pick a saturate a small piece of pad wet with alcohol, and remove the excess powder from your tips. After washing that completely you’ll get fantastic chromed tips. Surely you’ll love today’s velvet chrome nails article. Try these trends on your memorable occasions.

golden chrome nails tips

If you love to try different nail trends and have issues regarding your nail maintenance, comment below, I’ll write an article regarding your query and problem.



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