How to easily take off acrylic nails without acetone

take off acrylic nails

The easiest way to add length and allure to your tiny nails are acrylic nails. This art and technique are for both who can’t manage and maintain their nails enough long and perfect. Furthermore, this method is not easy, and you have to look after this and also bear a specific price tag. Besides, if you have done this process in the wrong way, it may damage your nails.

Hence, it is fantastic to have this, but after a month or more, a painful time comes to remove nails without damage.  The most unusual way to do it in a salon by professionals, but it needs time and money that is restrained for many of us. So, we have some tips for you to pull out acrylic nails at home without acetone safely.

How to take off fake nails?

There are many ways to remove acrylic nails without damage at home. Could you scroll down to explore them?

Using Dental Floss:

One main tip for removing acrylic nails at home is the use of dental floss. This technique may be time consuming but effective. Firstly, lift the edges of your acrylic nails and, after that, lodge the dental floss under your acrylic nails. Be a move downwards the nail position till the nail pops off. It’s all done to repeat this method for all of your fingernails.

Moreover, be careful not to pull your natural nail while removing the acrylic nail at home. In the end, apply oil or lotion on your cuticle area.

Using a business card

You can also use laminated business or any other card to remove acrylic nails. Lay off the fringe gently, make sure not to rip off your natural nails. Keep slithering until the acrylic nail is removed. Loop it until you are free off acrylic nails.

Additionally, apply lotion or oil on your acrylic free nails.

Using Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

For this technique, you need acetone-free nail polish remover, lotion or cuticle oil, and tweezer. This method is prolonged than other technologies, but it is worthwhile, fruitful, and safe.

Try to keep your acrylic nails for a short period. This will help you take them off comfortably. First of all, lay-off the edges of fake nails with the pointy tweezer end. Then pour acetone-free nail remover in a bowl and soak your nails in that liquid for somehow 30 to 40 minutes. The time you feel them slightly soft and loosened, then pull them out gently. Please do it for all acrylic nails.

Use cuticle oil on your natural nails to make them reliable after that fake and acrylic nails trauma.

Using Warm Water

Out of your pocket money or acrylic nails are starting hurting you?  Don’t worry, don’t bite them to put them off. It’ll create disaster situations that’ll be embarrassing and painful too.

So, soak your finger in hot water for a while until your nails loosened or getting soft. It may take a little longer time but will help you from a painful period and stay happy with your nail art.

Using Nail Filer

Before doing this procedure or method, you should take some deep breath and have patience because it is a time-consuming technique to remove acrylic nails at home.

Just pick a nail file, buffer, nail clipper, cuticle scissor, orange stick, or lotion.

Firstly, cut your acrylic nail until it gets shorter and don’t do this faster because it may hurt you. After that, remove nail polish if you had applied that. At that time, the real work starts filing your acrylic nail until it reaches your natural nail surface. Do this procedure slightly or slowly to avoid any damage to your natural nail.

If acrylic nail particles remained on your nail, then use cuticle scissors to get rid of it. Remember one thing, not file a tiny piece of the acrylic nail because it can harm your natural nail.

Hurrah! After that time, consuming methods apply some cuticle oil or nail strengthen lotion for healthy and chic nails.

Important tips:

Kindly don’t even try to pull out your acrylic nail because it can be the reason of your natural nail disaster.

Follow one of the tips mentioned above to remove nails without damage.

If you use acetone, then try not to avoid any flame or heat around you.

Make sure to use cuticle oil or lotion after applying or implementing any method mentioned above.


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