How to keep nails clean and shiny

keep nails clean

How to clean nails at home? Whiten your nails are every girl’s dream. Not just having sitting of manicure or pedicure in a salon can make your nails shiny or clean. You can use a handful of ingredients to make your nails healthy and shiny while preventing common nails problems. Do you just don’t like your nails’ condition right now? In this article, I’m going to share some nail cleaning tips that’ll, easy your nail cleanliness.

If you are addict to apply nail polish and nail trends then you should add this nail cleaning habit to your schedule. And you must love to use natural ways when it comes to maintaining beauty, it not only save your time or money rather it protects you from the side-effects of chemicals due to different products. So stop stressing about beauty products and its expense just pick some ingredients from your kitchen’s cupboard and start maintaining your nails.

It is a fact that every pretty lady who likes to manifest her nails, having clean and shiny nails is necessary too as to maintain her beauty. As we thought, just applying nail polish on your nails make them look stunning but naked nails with shining and cleanliness make them more beautiful. It secures your nails from damage or other problems that can occur due to using beauty products regularly. Cleaning under nails and acrylic nails are also important as hygiene is the main factor to keep healthy. Have a look at some of the below-mentioned home remedies that’ll blow your mind.

How to clean nails at home 

keep nails clean

As I mentioned above that you can clean your nails at home by just using your kitchen ingredients. Let’s have a look at some of the home remedies.

Use of Olive oil

Use of olive oil

If you want to shine and whiten your nails without any nail paint then olive oil is the best ingredient that you can find out from your kitchen cupboard. However, for best results add little drops of olive oil into warm water and dip your nails into it for some time. After that, massage gently your nails and cuticle. Go along with this process daily for long-lasting shining of your nails.

Use of lemon

keep nails clean

As we all know that lemon is a natural bleaching ingredient that you can also find from your kitchen. This helps to clean your nails and keep your nails naturally beautiful and healthy. In this polluted atmosphere, if you got any stain on your nails then, this bleaching agent also helps to remove all that. To get these benefits, firstly squeeze some lemon juice and soak your water in it. After some time rub your nails with a brush and while doing this procedure don’t rise up your nails from that mixture. This also assists you to grow your nails longer.

If dipping some time is difficult and hectic for you then you can also apply lemon juice on each nail with a cotton pad and let them dry. After that wash your hand and use moisturizer for better results. You can use this treatment twice a week.

Use of rose water

rose water

Do you use nail paint daily that ruined your natural nail beauty? If you want to retain that then add rose water in your daily routine for the natural brightness of your nails. Add an equal quantity of rose water and lemon juice into some spray bottle or jar and apply this mixture to your nails daily. This’ll enhance nails brightness and make them healthy too. This combination also gives a moisturizing effect, you can also use rose water alone after every time cleaning your nail.

Petroleum jelly also works 

petroleum jelly

If you are lazy to do time-consuming and hectic treatments then Vaseline is best for you. Pick one tube of Vaseline into your bag and use it after every hand wash that’ll moisturize your hands and nails will shine forever.

In another way, you can also rub Vaseline or another petroleum jelly to your cuticle and nails. Its texture is thick that carry vitamins. It makes your nails stronger as its texture is thick that carry vitamins.

Use of Fish Oil

use of fish oil

Do you know fish oil prevents brittle nails and make your nails stronger? As it contains omega-3 that that nourishes your nails and hairs too. It also carries vitamins and sustain your nail cuticles and save your nails from any damage. Its result is best when you are suffering from cold or harsh weather.

For cleaning under nails apply rose water their too, it’ll clean and remove dirt under your nails and acrylic nails.

Some other nail cleaning tips

  • To whiten your nails you may use baking soda
  • Do manicure or pedicure once a week it’ll keep your nails clean and shiny
  • Acetone based nail polishes make your nails brittle and damage so try not to use them
  • Have a healthy diet especially full of vitamins with biotin it’ll naturally shine you nails


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