How to make your nails grow fast

grow nails faster

Your nails flourish slower than usual? Are you feeling jealous of your friend’s gorgeous long nails? In addition, you are done with all of the home remedies and didn’t of them work effectively. As conclusion, when you tried to trim your nails they broke or split and that is so annoying.

Are you fond of growing your nails faster? As growing your nails faster is not scientifically idealized but there are many techniques to do that.

Fingernails are a combination of different layers (protein) that is mainly known as Keratin, as your nails are the indicators of your health performance. So, consonant in color, free of grooves, even, sharp nails are the signs of healthy nails.

1. Use a Cuticle Oil Daily

As a matter of fact, hydration is a solution when you tried many home remedies to grow your nails longer. If you want reliable and healthy nails, then they need to be hydrated, and you know what oil or hydrated material you should use for a better result? Cuticle oil, yes, may help you secure and grow your nails faster and longer rapidly. It works in a way that hydrates your nail bed and cuticle. That’s why it is the most crucial step you should avail. Additionally, it doesn’t only help t grow your nails; either help your nails look better.

2. Use Biotin

Do you know another foremost step to grow nails is to use specific vitamins and supplements? It can help to strengthen your nails. Biotin is another type of B vitamin that helps your body convert your food or meal into enough energy.

Several pieces of research and human studies propose that a dose of biotin daily enhances and boosts up your nail growth. However, it improves nail growth and strength in a week if you take 2.5-milligram biotin daily. Naturally, there are many things in which you can find it like walnuts, peanuts, cereals, milk, egg yolks, meal bread, salmon, pork, sardines, mushroom, cauliflower, avocados, bananas, and raspberries, etc.

If you are facing a brittle, thin, and split nail problem, then biotin can also help to cure this. It would help if you also appraised to take multivitamins that involve specific nutrients to help your body make energy for gorgeous nail growth. Accordingly, whether you feel the vitamin deficiency in your body, then consult with your doctor and start taking multivitamins beneficial for your body and begin enjoying your body and nail health better.

3. Avoid your nails to interact with water unnecessarily. 

Reveal your nails while surfing water when necessary, like when you are washing your hands or showering. Despite, wear gloves or cover your nails while doing house chores such as washing dishes or interacting with chemicals, this will help you to risk of nail break.

4. Limit harsh detergents and Chemicals

  • There are some points though you should implement you remain your nails healthy or grow long nails.
  • Avoid uncovering your hands while using household detergents and cleaners.
  • Always use non-acetone remover to clear your nail polish
  • On the other hand, chemicals and raspy detergents can make your hands dry, so wear gloves to get rid of the risks mentioned above

5. Avoid pressing or biting to grow long nails.

As this has been found in some people, during any stress or depression, they start pressing or biting their nails that inhibit nail length. This may also lead to the worst look of your hands and nails.

You should let your nails alone and forget about them (means stop biting). Specifically, to avoid this habit, use hand cream on your hands or use cuticle balm to your nails to help you distinctively get rid of the nail-biting habit. One layer of bitter nail polish may also help you, or you may also apply a bandage on your nails, which you can’t resist to bite.

6. Switch your nail polish or nail remover

If you are using cheapest and old nail polishes or remover, then switching them is the best option to grow long nails. Similarly, don’t use old nail removers; it can harm or dry your nails quickly, resulting in nail splitting, drying, or brittle nails.


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