How to make your own nail polish brand?

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Are you a lover of nail polish?  Or you just want to start a nail polish line to make some extra money? You can start that because you don’t need any large workspace for this purpose. Furthermore, you need to make planning for each step to have the best outcomes. Though you don’t need any large space, a place full of ventilation is necessary for this.

It can’t easy to start a beauty brand in a well-established beauty market you have to take something new and classy to compete with them. Start with the custom and unique colors but with little investment and see what your friends and customers review about your nails business.

Note down some important guidelines before started making your desired product.

  • You have to set up your motivation whether you just desired to start it for your passion or you want a profit from this business.
  • After that, do research about every single thing and get to know what makes a brand successful, what uniqueness you may add in your product?
  • Thenceforth, assemble a business plan that mainly includes marketing strategy, financial limit, and product information.
  • Subsequently, invest your time and money to collect all the desired ingredients or tools to make nail polish colors. Prefer to spend more time than money on your starter business to get better outcomes or results.
  • It maybe eases your burden if you can design a pretty logo or packaging for your brand and its compulsory step as it presents your products as a brand. Nowadays everyone steps behind the brand and quality.

Let’s discuss the method of making nail polish by yourself for your small business.

How to make nail polish?

Firstly set up your workspace with all the tools you need to prepare nail polish colors. Buy or grab clear nail polish with nail polish bottles from any bottle supply store. You may also make the order of your brand logo or packaging for marketing, it may present your products as a brand, and that’ll also increase your turnover or worth in a market.

Generate a palette by using different colors or you may choose a few colors for a startup. Buy fine glitters or mineral powder to create a palette.

Start doing your work in a hygienic workplace because you are going to sell your product so there may be some contamination for this. Make sure to use clean and pure surfaces and utensils in which you are going to make nail polish.

Ensure to just open mineral powders or glitters that you are going to use for certain nail polish batch.

Go ahead with some quantity like 10 or 15 bottles and it would take 20 ounces of clear nail polish. For that, stream clear nail polish into a pure beaker. Add glitter or mineral powder into clear nail polish according to the guidelines you are following.

If you are just experimenting then add a little amount of this and note down the quantity for each bottle or mixture.

By following this method, you’ll get finer and exact colors or shades that you want or will save wastage of material. Combine the mixture gently with a stirrer glass rod and pour this mixed material into a small nail polish bottle either with some tool or glass funnel.

Consequently, with the same method, you may generate more different unique colors that your friends or customers want. Take it in mind that after finishing this; rinse all the tools that have been used in the making of nail polish with acetone immediately.

Got your desired color to start a nail polish company? It’s not the ending; this’ll start the 2nd phase that is also very important for your business. Even, you can’t get any advantage without seeking your loyal customers that is also known as marketing.


While finishing with all the steps, launch your product with proper guidelines. We recommend you expect benefit after 2 or 3 years of selling nail polish because it takes time to flourish or make your space in a well-established market. There may be a failure for the first time, so learn every time and work hard for the next time.

Hope you learn each and everything after going through this article to start your nails business if you have more queries in your write comment to NailsFashions.


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