How to remove dip nails without acetone?

Remove DIP Powder

Are you worried to remove dip nails without acetone? As nowadays dip nails and other nail trends are trending, every girl wants to adapt to the unique trend at home. However, it is easy to adapt but hectic to get rid of this after one month or more. If we talk about dip nails then it is the healthful replacement comparison to other nail lacquers. One more fact about dip nails is that it is one of the trends that last longer compared to other nail varnishes even than your beloved nail gel. If you are a beginner to follow nails trends then you should firstly know about dip nails.   


Dip or SNS are other names of dip powder nails that are formed while using acrylic powder or gel. This combination will give your nails a stunning look or dip nails. Dip powder nail trend lasts for more than 5 weeks if you take proper care. After 4 or 5 weeks of getting this glamorous look, you need to take off these fake nails and that’s the step which some girls worried about that.

Many of the folks are confused about how to get rid of SNS or dip nails. In this article, I’m going to describe this which you’ll surely not known about those simple steps. Read this article thoroughly for complete solutions and tips.


 To remove that at your home just pick one of the ingredients from your home to describe below.


How to remove SNS nails without acetone:


If you don’t have acetone available at your home and the time comes to take off dip nails then don’t worry, here I’m going to describe different steps for this. There are many ways to do that just garb that points here


Remove dip nails using nail remover:


Yes, astonishingly you may remove dip nail powder while using your nail polish remover. As nail polish remover contains acetone but it has properties of unsullied. That’s why you may use it without any fret. It has some elements that protect your nails from any harm like oil, perfume, etc. 

You just need 20 to 30 minutes to soak your nails into nail polish remover and wait for the upper layer to get soft. Once it is done just remove that layer and dip your nails again and do it for all your layers.

It may take some extra time but will make your nails naked from dip nail powder or gel. Remember one thing, firstly rub your nails with filer and then start soaking them. 


How to remove dip nails with white vinegar:


As I told above the whole procedure to get rid of dip nails. Now you just need to choose the ingredient which you have at your home.


So the next ingredient is distilled white vinegar. It’s a variable miracle remover that you can use and may grab from your refrigerator or kitchen. Keep in mind that vinegar contains the properties of acid that’ll ruin or destruct your SNS nails. Due to acidic properties, it may damage your real nails so be aware while using this. Don’t use it in excessive amount. 


Hydrogen Peroxide another ingredient: 


Don’t use it directly or alone, add hydrogen peroxide in warm water and soak your nails into it. It may turn your hand palm into white color after soaking your hands in that mixture but it’ll solve your problem to get rid of dip nail powder. 


You may also get rid of acrylic nails at home. Go there on how to remove acrylic nails and grab all DIY tips. 


Using Toothpaste:


To remove SNS nails you may also choose toothpaste. Make a mixture of baking soda or toothpaste and apply that on your nails this will help in getting the dip nail layers to soften. After that clean your nails with a towel. 


Care tips after removing dip nails:


Immediately apply moisturizer on your nails after getting rid of fake nails. Chemicals and solvents may damage your hands and make them unhealthy so moisturizing is necessary. 

After that, use some beneficial oils onto your nails to recover them from the damage of any chemical. You may use tea tree oil or coconut oil.

Apply one coat of any of these oils and massage your nails gently. This may help to detach the effect of chemicals. 



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