Latest Nail Art Trends in 2020

Nail Art Trends

Nails fashion is an ideal way to add something extra and glamorous to your attire. As blunt red and pink is the most commonly used colour and everyone love to apply them. Why not we do some more adventurous this summer? Even while living in quarantine, do people follow nails trends 2020? Its answer is yes. Just as brands are introducing trending nail colours, so people are applying it in new ways. So still we have a lot to share about summer 2020 nail colours and trends. Nails fashion 2020 may be the era when nail art trends blew up. Here we’ll share the best, valorous and latest nail art trends to flutter your mind.

  1. Graphic trending nails 2020
    For the boldest and inspiring patterns go for visual trends and shades. It is the time to do the nails right so call your favourite manicurist and transform your nails into trending pins. While doing graphic on your nails, choose trending nail colours like nude, red and contrasting shades to enhance your style. Try to make simple and bold shapes and designs if you want to do it by yourself at home this head up your entire look.
  2. Mix patterns
    Try to blend different patterns and rise the best and chic designs of nail art. Yes you, can make it by yourself via mixing different patterns. You can mix nude with white minimal details, zigzag pattern with gingham nails trends, marble design with animal print and many more. You can also stir sharp lines with bold shapes for a statement look. Believe me; that’ll be your leading look of nails fashion 2020. Even don’t feel embarrassed or afraid to have different patterns on every single nail.
  3. French manicure
    French manicure is another excellent thanks to breathing new life into the classic style. It’s also unique thanks to adding an enhancing colour to any outfit. French manicure is surely the bestest nail art trend that gives your look a lavish turn. It includes a sheer pink or beige tone with white colour tips. This is done on each nail and takes 45 minutes for finishing. However, to maintain the nail trends, it’s tips are done along short to medium length and shaped either into rounded or squared.
  4. Double shades
    In this era beauty and trends of nail art have been going technical if you are someone who does struggle to maintain your nails then only try this trend that’ll not take your more time but gives you stunning look. Just pick up your favourite and trending colours that suit you most and apply them on your nails combined in different patterns. You can also pick contrasting colours to your outfit to have a remarkable look.
  5. Jewel nail trend
    Jewels and crystals nail art is also in trending nowadays. This is tender in different ways and with different sizes according to the gaze you want. Moreover, this lust nail art trend adds a bit of glitter to your classic details. Nevertheless, get into your mind not to apply too many crystals and jewels; this can also lead to the worst trend.
  6. It would be best if you tried “Star print” as trending nails art
    Surely you’ll see star print on everyone’s nails as trending nail art in 2020. This nail art trend is easy and cheap to adopt. Just pick some adorable paper it may be of a different colour, cut it according to the star pattern and put it no your nails but apply after putting some quotes of nail colour. That’ll give your nails chic look.
  7. Pastel Nails Maybe the remarkable nails fashion
    Want a versatile nail trend for the summer season? Have you done your pastel makeup and hairdo and now you want to do nails fashion? Enjoy pastel manicure that is such a sophisticated and versatile nail trend. It’ll add a classy and cute look on your style and outfit. The best thing about this latest nail trend is that you can add many different colours in it that’ll give you a crisp edge with glitter frame. Just try it once you surely love with this nails fashion 2020.
    Moreover, the pastel blue colour may be the most elegant colour you can add to this trend. For stunning detailing, you can add a marble trend with a metallic stripe on your ring finger that’ll correctly enhance this latest nail trend. For bright metal detailing, always use matte nail polish along with pastel blue colour. If you want to know the latest colours then just search out Summer 2020 nails colors


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