Signs of vitamin deficiency in nails

Signs of vitamin deficiency in nails

Do you have white spots on your nails? Do you know your nails are the windows to your health? Your nails depict the signs of your health either you are healthy or not. Likewise, vitamin deficiency in your body is also shown by your nails condition. Nails shape, texture, color, and growth rate will change according to the nutritional deficiency in your body.

You may also say that you get notifications about your health at your fingertips. American Academy of Dermatology says that your nails notify everything about lung condition and anemia. Not just a health finger, and toenails did a lot for us. They are just like extensions of our skin that save us from harm. As many people aesthetically love to art their nails and quality, that’s why its appearance plays an important role.

There are many things to discuss this topic, but in this article, I’ll talk about signs of vitamin deficiency in nails. Why it occurs? How to cure them and what they represent?

1. White spots on Nails

As many of us says that white spots on nails show the nutrients deficiency in our body, mainly vitamin deficiency (calcium).

Today we’ll discuss as it’s just a myth, or maybe there is any truth in it.

According to the dermatologists, it’s just a myth this can’t appear due to vitamin deficiency. There may be other reasons for white spots on your nails. This white discoloration is a phenomenon that is known as Leukonychia. This word comes from the Greek language Leuko means white, and nychia means nails.

Leukonychia causes due to different reasons, and it also has different types as

  • Leukonychia Punctata

The most ordinary type of Leukonychia that mainly causes due to injury to the base nail. That occurs white spots on your nails and disappears in about eight months.

Whenever you feel tiny white spots on your nails, then don’t be panic, it may be just due to some injury or trauma and kindly blast the myth of relating vitamin deficiency to Leukonychia.

  • Leukonychia Striata 

Leukonychia Striata may also cause white discoloration on your nails. It happens when you traumatize your nail matrix. There are some more reasons that cause it like excessive tapping on your nails or many sittings of manicures.

  • Longitudinal Leukonychia 

Longitudinal Leukonychia happens in rare cases. This may look like a straight white line. If someone has a darker disease (a skin condition), they can be a victim of longitudinal Leukonychia.

2. Brittle nails

If you are not taking a good diet or may your hands are interacting with chemicals, then this problem can happen. Do you know nails are devised in the nail matrix (the root of the nail)?

Nutritional deficiency or vitamin deficiency in your body will force you not to establish good enough nails. This is the problem that some people face while having diet disorders. Iron deficiency anemia or thyroid may also be the cause of brittle nails.

If you want to get rid of brittle nails, take certain vitamins, like vitamin b12, vitamin C, iron, and

(Calcium)? No calcium strong your bones, not your nails, so this is a myth nothing else.

3. Split Nails

Split nails are just inconvenient, and this occurs when your nail bed brakes and split up. It is the worst feeling when your split nail catch on your cloth aww! Usually, this may arise due to chemical damage to the nail root, but you can cure this by using nail glue and clear polish, and it’ll grow out completely after some time.

4. Fungal infection

If you face brittle and dry nails, but with a yellowish hue, it may be the symbol of fungal infection; it may happen due to the natural aging process and use of nail polish for a long period and interaction with moist like swimming, etc.

Best practice to get rid of this is to contact your dermatologist and check it out for a rapid cure.

5. Black lines

Sometimes you nail spotted a black line lingering on your nail what causes this on your fingernails? There may be several reasons, one may be hereditary, and others may be trauma, smoking, or it may be due to some drugs. Medication and proper treatment can cure this, so the best practice is to consult with your doctor.

6. Transverse grooves

Horizontal ridges on your nails are the beau’s lines. These are also known as transverse grooves. They explain about your health condition. However, it represents serious illness, trauma, emotional shock, and different health issues like thyroid, kidney, nutritional deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency nail, and Zinc, etc.

This can also occur due to the injury to your nail root. It may be a cure with some medication such as chemotherapy, or either it may disappear after eight months naturally. Rather then, if your hand s and feet are getting cold, then consult with your doctor for better medication.


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